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17th Dhul-Hijjah, 1440 AH
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Main Points From Fifth Al-Mulakhas Al-Fiqh Class



Main Points From Al-Mulakhas Al-Fiqh Class


Date:- 11/01/14

Lesson no:- 5

Wiping over the Khuffs (Continued)


Turban (‘Imamah)

It is permissible to wipe over a turban on two conditions:-

  1. It must cover the area of the head which is traditionally covered.
  2. The turban must be wrapped round the lower jaw up to the head, one or more than one torn or be with a tail back.

Splints, bandages, plasters and the like

  • It is permissible to wipe over them during ablution (without removing them).
  • One is permitted to wipe over plasters that cover wounds; all such coverings are permitted to be wiped over provided they cover only the injured area or the necessary parts which need to be covered for treatment.
  • But if it (splints, bandages etc) covers more than the injured area unnecessarily, the unnecessary parts must be removed.
  • There is no fixed period for the permissibility of wiping over them until it is removed or the wound heals.

Areas to be wiped & the way wiping is performed

  • Wiping is to be done on the upper part of the khuffs/socks. As for the turban, most of it should be wiped over, especially its folds. However, the splint has to be wholly wiped.
  • Wiping over the khuffs (during ablution)  is to be done by passing one’s wet fingers from one’s toes towards one’s leg. The right foot to be wiped by the right hand and vice versa.
  • Also, one should open the fingers during wiping and should not repeat wiping.


Things Nullifying Ablution


  1. Direct Nullifiers:- They are the matters that cause nullification of ablution directly, such as urine, stool, and whatever comes out of the anus and sexual organ.
  2. Indirect Nulifiers: They are the matters that cause nullification of ablution indirectly; or makes the validity of ablution suspicious. Such matters include sleeping, fainting insanity etc.
  3. Eating Camel meat (little or much) also nullifies ablution
  4. Touching one’s private part
  5. Touching a woman lustfully
  6. Apostasy from Islam


There is a difference of opinion of the Scholars whether that points 4 to 6 nullify the ablution or not.

Al Sunnah Masjid