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17th Dhul-Hijjah, 1440 AH
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Masjid Sunnah (Sheffield) Appeal

Masjid Sunnah (Sheffield) Appeal 

Asalamu Alaykum  

The Masjid has had to change bank accounts so all those who were donating monthly to the masjid through standard order forms need to fill out a new form. The Masjid is struggling to pay for its running costs especially utility bills so this is a heartfelt plea to ask everyone in this group to fill a form out to donate whatever Allah has given them (£5,£10, £20, £30 etc) towards the Masjid running costs. If you can’t help the Masjid with your time then at least aid it financially with donations and dua. The Masjid doesn’t receive any funding apart from generous donations from persons such as yourselves and the success is with Allah.

Another Challenge is by the 31st of December for each one of us to find 10 people from friends, family, work colleagues etc to fill out these forms to ensure the well-being of the Masjid in terms of meeting its operational costs and maintenance.

Let's race to khayr like the Salaf would!

You can return the completed forms to the masjid or hand it in to YOUR bank. You can get the standard order donation forms from the Masjid or download it at the bottom of this link If you have online or telephone banking facilities then you setup a standard order without having to fill out a form.

New Masjid Bank details:-

Al-Sunnah Centre
2-12 Pinstone Street, Sheffield
S1 2HN
Account Number: 70345458
Sort Code: 20-76-89

May Allah give us Success 


Al Sunnah Masjid