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17th Dhul-Hijjah, 1440 AH
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Main Points From First Al-Mulakhas Al-Fiqh Class



Main Points From Al-Mulakhas Al-Fiqh Class


Date:- 14/12/13

Lesson no:- 1


Virtues of Understanding Religion

  • If Allah wants to do good for a person. He makes him understand the religion
  • This is because comprehending the religion leads to useful knowledge upon which righteous deeds depend.
  • People are divided into three categories  regarding knowledge and deeds:

                  1)    First Category:- Those who combine useful knowledge along with righteous deeds

                  2)    Second Category:- Those who learn useful knowledge but do not act accordingly.

                  3)    Third Category:- Those who act without having knowledge



  • Linguistically, purity means cleanliness and purification from all matters and spiritual impurities.
  • Islamically, purity means the removal of ritual impurities (haddath) as well as the impure subjects.
  • Ritual impurity (haddath) can be either minor or major
  • Minor ritual impurity (haddath) should be removed by making wudu and Major ritual impurity (haddath) should be removed by making ghusl (ritual bathing)


  • Pure Water:- that which is originally pure and can be used as a means of purification e.g. rain water, sea water, springs etc. This is water which has not been changed by anything.
  • Impure Water:- which can not be used for purification from either ritual or tangible impurity. This is water whose characteristics (odor, taste or colour) has changed due to impure objects.

Disbelievers Pots & Clothes

Pots could be made of iron, wood, leather or the like. The original ruling is the permissibility of using such pots. That is to say, it is permissible to use every pure pot except two types:

  • Pots made of Gold or Silver except when pots inlaid with little silver for sake of repair
  • The hides (skin) of dead animals except if they are tanned (dried out)

As for the clothes of the disbelievers, it is permissible to wear them unless they are known to be impure.


“Certainty overrules doubt”





Al Sunnah Masjid